Jul 1st 2012

Annette Elliot: Garfield Park Conservatory

@ Garfield Park Conservatory

Opening Sunday, July 1st, from 9PM - 8am

On view through Saturday, July 7th

Projected light on the dome of the Garfield Park Conservatory reflects the shapes of 40,000 shattered panes of glass from the hailstorm of June 30, 2011. The light installation by artist and graduate of School of the Art Institute of Chicago Annette Elliot creates a transient memorial to the catastrophic events of last year.

“I walked in, the whole place was dark, and it took my eyes a moment to adjust,” conservatory foreman Matt Barrett remembers. “I stopped dead in my tracks, my jaw hit the floor. I’d never seen anything like it. And it was just pane after pane continuing to fall, hitting the ground, it was like a waterfall of broken glass.”

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