Jun 30th 2012

Kloss / Stoltmann

@ New Capital

3114 W. Carroll St., South Chicago, Illinois 60612

Opening Saturday, June 30th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Sunday, August 5th

Opening Reception: June 30, 2012 7-10pm

Exhibition runs through August 5, 2012
Open Sundays 1-4 pm and by appointment, newcapitalprojects@gmail.com

NEW CAPITAL is excited to open our summer exhibition: KLOSS/STOLTMANN, presenting new works by Kirsten Stoltmann and Mike Kloss.

The very impulse to make is often rooted in an inability to verbalize the heart of what it is we wish to say. Often, all we have is this thing in front of us that we choose to put in front of someone else and cross our fingers that we connect and are understood. And even when this leap of faith is successful, then what? We find a temporary solace in a shared present and cross our fingers again that our thoughts and ideas have longevity to connect to a future audience, that this pursuit is not in vain, which we actually know is, which is sometimes the point.

Kloss and Stoltmann share a dark humor, an appreciation for the macabre and an ability to strike to the core of their content while leaving the audience a little shell-shocked. In short: They take it there.

Mike Kloss:

Putting blinders on
Putting blinders on
making fear making poking
Snout Cancer
Eyes (all that is left) 2 see Faces honesty
Deception With Cute Dark Decayed frozen
Falling in love
With Cute
Dark. Decayed frozen
Soon 2 b dead
With Pets and expiration the ability to cope.
holding control Ok.
This is some words to be sculpted. Up and down
Shaved obsidian rocks (lava rocks) in
blender Rubbing your face
On the sidewalk
Ghosts are important I fear them
Understanding time age ruff edges
Understanding purity
Pig with glass’s and cancer where the snout falls off and the glass’s cant stay on anymore and then they fall to the ground and get stepped on by a passerby who does not even notice the situation at hand.
Lost monkey cant find home all alone in the jungle
Turned into anger
Keeping ideas simple by keeping material simple

Kirsten Stoltmann:

Not all rocks are hard, some are soft and porous. Some break, especially when dropped from the top of a four-story building. Some slowly erode and fall apart over time. Others might ooze a viscous hot liquid and then explode right in your face! Rocks are duplicitous and unpredictable, similar to crabs or roses. Crab’s hard shells and claws, like a rose’s thorn, provides protection for their sensitive insides and beauty. Whether smooth or rough, rocks all have a vulnerability that will expose itself over eons, or sometimes, after just a few weeks.

Kirsten Stoltmann lives and works in Ojai. She has exhibited work In Abstract America, New Painting and Sculpture, Saatchi Gallery, London, U.K., Bitch is The New Black, Honor Fraser Gallery, Los Angeles, CA., Think Pink, Gaalak Gallery, Palm Beach, FL., Home Show, Santa Barbara Contemporary Art’s Forum, Cut-Ups, Fotografiska Collage, Center for Photography, Stockholm SE. Out of Focus, Sala Pelaires, Mallorca, Spain, Hunter and Cook Presents, Night Gallery, Los Angeles CA.. Her most recent solo shows, My Therapist is A Real Wet Blanket, at Hunter and Cook Gallery, Toronto, ON., Rising From The Ashes of Your Mind, at the Brennan and Griffin Gallery New York and I AM SO HAPPY at Emma Gray HQ in Los Angeles. She has also been included in the book, Concrete Comedy: An Alternative History of Twentieth-Century Comedy by David Robbins for the video, “Self-Reflecting.”

Mike Kloss lives and works in Chicago where he is Co-Director of The Hills Esthetic Center. He has had recent exhibitions at Green Gallery, American Fantasy Classics and Johalla Projects.

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