May 22nd 2011

In this new project, Leslie Baum harvests images from the internet of modern painting for all the best bits. The fragments she finds most useful become low-res print outs—then the real work begins. These image fragments are rough and retain only the most graphic visual information about the original; but that’s OK. Cobbled together with selections from a rich personal painting history, she constructs her own restless Frankenstein’s monster. The work is slippery; try as she may, she can’t be wholly faithful to the original. Imperfections compound. Attempts at faithfulness fail, and from these failures uneasy paintings emerge, referencing the familiarity of the original while replacing it with sensibilities, biases, and quirks that are distinctly her own.

In the off space, we’re offering a selection of recent works on paper by Leslie Baum, Todd Chilton, Peter Fagundo and Cary Smith. Leslie Baum’s paper works include the use of watercolor, gouache and collage. Todd Chilton is showing new gouache paintings on paper that reflect his ever-evolving interest in abstraction and pattern. These new pieces were generated from the same source material as the paintings but come to a state of resolution with a nice sense of informality and humor. Peter Fagundo, whose work with found material is always rigorous, is offering a set of three sculptures from cardboard, wood and paint. We’re very happy to include new colored pencil drawings by East Coast artist Cary Smith. This group of drawings compliments his Splat show presented earlier this year at Feature, Inc. in New York.

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