May 28th 2011

“The shift between mentor and friend is sometimes almost indistinguishable as is the shift between student and muse. I’ve always maintained that a muse is not someone of whom inspires beauty, but someone who kicks me in the ass. A muse reflects what I already know to be true and makes me listen, moves me to act.

“In this project, I will be turning to the conventional art of portraiture to distinguish and make indistinguishable the image of two artists: my friend, Cori, and myself. Having met two and a half years ago when Cori became my intern for a semester, we have since become friends. This friendship simultaneously grows out of and reflects our nature and concerns as artists. While I remain a mentor in many ways to Cori, so too does she mirror my own desires and endeavors across our sixteen year age span. She reminds me of truths I forget sometimes.

“On Saturday, May 28, we will spend the day reflecting one another’s image by creating reciprocal busts of ourselves. The Happy Collaborationists’ Exhibition Space will be our studio for the day. While both of us are sculptors, neither of us has engaged in this specific process of direct portraiture in the plastic arts. At the close of the evening, the busts will be preserved.”

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