May 29th 2011

A program of films by George Monteleone. This screening marks the premiere of a sophisticated body of 16mm work undertaken by Monteleone since 2007, screening publicly for the first time. Monteleone’s background in cognitive psychology subtly grounds ideas of memory, observation, and perception in his work.

The films use an aesthetic language of multiple-exposure, single-framing, time-lapse, and computational techniques to produce striking visual imagery created directly on 16mm. Drawing on ideas in the work of Chris Marker, Bruce Conner, and Bruce Nauman, Monteleone’s films are moody records of locations, actions and dreams. Underlying all of his film work is the sense that Monteleone belongs to a tradition of eclectic thinkers and inventors whose experimentation is a route to grappling with self and psyche. Monteleone’s films reveal him as a combination of abstract scientist, workshop-tinkerer, and thoughtful observer.

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