May 7th 2011

At the heart of Roche‘s work is the worldview of an Iowan who has chosen to pick up the radical, politicially-engaged spirituality of his parents. His films are persistently warm and human, and collectively present a remarkable take on political protest, psychedelic culture and attempts at the sublime. Retrospectively covering selections of Roche’s work since 2005, this program includes his psychedelic documentary Born to Live Life (Best of Festival, 2005 Iowa City International Documentary Festival) and his Left-Catholic protest film Black Iron Vatican II. The screening will also feature the premieres of new sound-versions of four collaborative films with British artist David Price.

The screening includes the release of a double-sided zine with two interviews between Alexander Stewart and Andy Roche: “On Psychedelia,” a 2009 interview on psychedelic culture and politics, and “RIFFIN,” a 2011 discussion about Leftist Catholicism.

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