May 28th 2011

Dear Friends,

Please join us on Saturday, May 28th from 6:30PM – 9:00PM for ACT I, Scene III in the ongoing slow play “Is This You, WANT?” written and performed by SCARCITY, a character developed by G. Vincent Gaulin.

Continuing the theme of POPULATION as it relates to the economics of demand and desire, the act’s main character DISCIPLINE BEAR builds a gate in this scene, marking passage into a new journey for finding the utility of unwanted liberties.

The presentation activates sculpture, painting, projected text, audiobook recordings, and vocal performance in a custom BEARbrand workout designed for transitioning.

A Memorial to the Family I Almost Began will be our last showing at the STUDIO at 1020. For the next year we will be working closely with business owners, residents and artists to create site-specific and site-sensitive installations, exhibitions, events, and salon dinners in a new project series entitled ON THE LAM.

DISCIPLINE writes this letter to ETIQUETTE to explain:


The distance between us has grown into a thicket,
A chamber
Echoing your definition
But without your words
Because attitude and motion were voice enough.

Left alone,
I see that the translations I scribbled during the commotion
Blemish—in the way of generating affectations—
The untainted and ingrained points of order
Made in you
For furthering Society in the WOOD’s vast in between-places,
Which from now on
You have chosen to view from the outside.

So I listen, for once:

First this thicket’s pulse confused me
In waves of starchy discords
Amplified by my self-made tensions
Between romance’s convenient projects
And freedoms that I never desired
(And until now, unconsciously avoided).

Then this low cone
Where I folded into a sum of numb joints
Births esteem for the nauseating tone of your truths.

It calls me with its foreign tongue
To expand my role as an orderly Utilizer.

And with actions for acknowledgment
I started building with the stuff I thought I had found for us.
There I found the gate to my liberty’s use-value
It looks like a memorial to the family I almost began.

With full heart and rare solemnity,

The STUDIO is a family, and we’ve come a long way. We want to thank you for building a community with us that can move mountains and withstand any storm. Art in totality is the most capable bloodsource which acts in the service of a a full, shining light that society does achieve. Here’s to sharing in new life together.

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