Nov 10th 2010

The Temporary Travel Office will present the first in a series of travel guide books titled Stories in Reserve. Artist Sarah Kanouse (Iowa City) will lead guests through a virtual “back-stage” tour of a Wildlife Refuge in Southern Illinois, where beliefs about nature and wilderness collide with the realities of war and an industrial past. The Travel Office’s own Ryan Griffis (Urbana) tours two urban spectacles in Vancouver—the 1986 World’s Fair and 2010 Winter Olympic Games—and the impact these events have had on the city’s historic False Creek.

Stories in Reserve: Volume One is the first in a series of guide books produced by the Temporary Travel Office. The series will feature original guided tours created by artists, activists, historians and storytellers that span from polemic narrative to experimental soundscape. Taking its title from 20th Century scholar Michel de Certeau’s The Practice of Everyday Life, the series will attempt to engage with “fragmentary and inward-turning histories, pasts that others are not allowed to read.”

Stories in Reserve: Volume One presents three audio guides that take reader-listeners on journeys within the territory known as North America.

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