Nov 6th 2010



1716 S Morgan St, 2F, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Saturday, November 6th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, December 11th

Now that we’ve got all of that meta-BEN RUSSELL one-year anniversary action out of the way, it’s time to move onto the real order of business – we’re talking NURSES (of course), and what better way to honor the memory all of those post-Halloween Sexy Nurse / Sexy Florence Nightingale costumes than with a group art show that will care for you in your moment of ill health? We’ve seen you sniffling on the train, sneezing at the zoo, and staying in bed on Election Day – we saw you hit your head with your bass guitar while performing in a Nirvana cover band last night, and we know that the 8-year old in you is still in need of sustenance.

This almost-always recession-cusp-of-the-everyday is apparently unrelenting, and most of can’t afford Japanese Robonurses to carry our stricken selves from bed to bed to bed. It’s in times like this that the soothing, comforting, and occasionally lactating powers of art can be called upon to heal us – BEN RUSSELL : NURSES stands as proof that artists are the new clinicians, that apartment spaces are their temporary free clinics…

And so: when you find yourself multiplied and contorted and devouring your own flesh (Christa Donner), let us dress your wounds. When you have been beaten upon and pounded into like the skins of so many heavy metal drum heads (Andy Positive and His Dissonant Riders), let us put a salve upon your bruises. BEN RUSSELL : NURSES is art for the body – let us be your healthcare professional!

Like the memory-image of battlefield matrons conjured up through the smell of fresh oil paint (Peter Hoffman) or a jellyfish-shaped monument to bodily fluids (Ben Fain) or the hand of God descending upon your weary frame while a Madonna song echoes through those dark nights (Jacob Ciocci), BEN RUSSELL : NURSES is art for the soul – make an appointment now and avail yourself of our metaphoric health care setting!

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