Nov 9th 2010

Talk by Andrew Norman Wilson.

“The Virtual Assistance project began with research geared towards unpacking the relational system of Get Friday, a virtual personal assistant service based in Bangalore, India. Get Friday typically provides remote executive support, where a largely American client base is assigned a ‘virtual’ personal assistant. I am a part of that client base, paying monthly fees for a primary assistant who works out of the Get Friday office in India. My assistant is a 25-year-old male Bangalore resident named Akhil. In paying for our relationship I am not attempting to lighten my work load, but rather to engage in collaborative projects and even reversals of the normative outsourcing flow. Using the service has been a method of engaging with, understanding, and reacting to an economy in order to learn, with the help of Akhil, how to peel back the corporate veneer, revealing histories, biographies, actors, networks, power, desire, and more.”

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