Nov 12th 2010

More Betterer

@ Heaven Gallery

1550 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Friday, November 12th, from 7PM - 11PM

Sweating, pulsing, bleeding, weave. Mark-making unto banal rectilinear; dripping congestion, in-volving skeins, fuzzy logic. Informed implosions beget spacial codes birthing planes and vectors; tangents and tangential information collapsing content/context. Representation is balanced with color and shape while a specious story unfolds truly absurd, uncanny in spectrum, ambiguous in nature. Signifiers taunt line and daubs to succeed in their immediacy while the relevance of semiotics remains questionable. Addendum, application, appropriation and audacity broach the grand plane as objects conglomerate confronting paint. Certainly this conversation strains coherence at times, while illustrating evolved language at others, like border guards of combating countries sharing a drink.

A seminal issues amongst these artists and the purpose for this show is to test instinct with respect to the nature of pure creativity as a genuine investment in “the real,” or conversely a misguided venture into a spurious hyper-reality; implosive simulation in the maelstrom of contemporary culture.

Work by Jacob Goudreault, Easton Miller, Matt Nichols, Max Reinhardt and Simon Slater.

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