Nov 6th 2010

Jacob C. Hammes: Metatron’s Roof

@ HungryMan Gallery

2135 N Rockwell St, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Saturday, November 6th, from 6PM - 11PM

On view through Sunday, December 19th

A large scale site-specific installation by Jacob C Hammes. The underlying structure is the result of applying the logic of Metatron’s Cube to the architecture of the gallery space, a three dimensional equivalent of the two-dimensional geometric figure called the “flower of life”. In mythology, the cube is formed from the archangel Metatron’s soul. Metatron’s Roof uses the cube as a springboard for investigating a possible relationship between geometry and human psychology– suggesting the presence of an attic under our feet, a place where things are discarded but not thrown away. The roof is constructed on the floor and must be climbed on to enter the space, bringing the audience high enough to touch the ceiling, and containing at its center a illuminated biological form. Showing alongside the installation is a series of smaller sculptures derived from platonic solids and other regular geometric forms, and possessing a certain house-like character.

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