Jun 5th 2010

Our First Sixty-Nine 2010

@ Monument 2

2007 N Point St, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Saturday, June 5th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Sunday, June 27th

Natalie Labriola and J Patrick Walsh 3 take the integer of 69, which can be interchangeable with the Infinity symbol and the Yin-Yang, as a starting point for their exhibition at Monument 2 gallery, Our First Sixty-Nine. Each artist will curate the others work in the show as an investigation into the process of “69ing,” or reversing, curatorial control. The pair have given each other free reign to arrange, contextualize, and translate each others works in order to elicit new relationships and initiate the balance of yin-and-yang between the discreet objects.

The show will act as an axis for the artists shared interests in opposing forces: that of primitive history and the present moment, recognizable forms and abstraction, artifact and artifice.

The works in the show will be arranged to create a space of immeasurable balance. History and the 3D become spatially contingent, one endlessly transforming into the other. The viewer will feel a sense of pleasure while adapting to the space’s polymorphously perverse polarities: when one cognitive sense reaches its peak, it will naturally transform into its opposite. This pleasure will be comparable to dropping a stoner into a calm pond.

In the past, Labriola and Walsh 3 have collaborated to produce performances and zines. This is their first full-scale exhibition together.

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