Jun 27th 2010

Based between London and New York, Isobel Shirley uses both her practice to address the different functions of the art world, and the roles created within it. Whilst promoting interaction and discourse, her work often uses a knowing humour to question her own intentions as an artist and motivations for producing work. Using the platform of her first solo exhibition Shirley questions the implications of an artist. Always striving to make that piece of work that will make your mark, yet dreading forever being associated with it and pigeon holed.

During her exhibition at Happy Collaborationists, Shirley will present a body of work from her ongoing mission to jump over Damien Hirst’s The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. Through her training and obsessive preparations, culminating in a performance of death defying feats, Shirley asks the question, “Is it possible to jump the art shark?” and if so “Where do you go from there?”

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