Jun 18th 2010

Following Durling’s opening, Golden will debut its new auxiliary space, also located in Chicago’s East Lakeview neighborhood, a few blocks away at 3319 N. Broadway. The auxiliary space will operate in dialogue with the programming expected of Golden, however working with an expanded range of artists and trajectories. The new space will be a more immediate and heterogeneous venue in comparison to the traditional gallery model, focusing here on continuously fresh rotations of affordable works that create their own dialog within the space. An extension of the gallery, the auxiliary space sits somewhere between “project space” “artist studio” “pop-up store” and “showroom.”

The debut of the space will have pieces available by Elijah Burgher, Evan Conley, The Franks, Alex Valentine, Kaylee Rae Wyant and others, as well as a photographic edition from Golden’s own Aspen Mays and a limited edition screenprint by Mike Andrews. Also, Lloyd Durling will feature a new drawing specifically created for the venue.

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