Apr 4th 2010

Chicago, IL claims as its own a plethora of hardworking film, video, and new-media artists. Since 2008, a rough and ready microcinema called The NIGHTINGALE has been presenting their work. To celebrate the second anniversary of the space, director, Christy LeMaster and her sister, print-maker Jessica LeMaster, are heading out on the roads of the quiet midwest with THE BROAD SHOULDERS TOUR, a showcase of recent Chicago-made work screened at The Nightingale since its opening. The works in THE BROAD SHOULDERS TOUR represent a diversity of mediums and aesthetics but share a similar sensibility. This isn’t a city of artists looking to quit their day jobs. Chicago makers are teachers, builders, programmers, journalists, workers. There is an economy, a beauty built out of utility, and an accessibility that Chicago breeds into its makers.

Featured artists in the program include Jon Cates, Warren Cockerham, Nick Edelberg, Lori Felker, Jason Halprin, Emily Kuehn, Kent Lambert, Jodie Mack, Jesse McClean, Nicholas O’Brien, Jon Satrom, Kate Raney, Michael Robinson and Jerzy Rose.

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