Apr 24th 2010



1716 S Morgan St, 2F, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Saturday, April 24th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, May 22nd

And so: as the Great Depression (Redux) becomes ever more depressing and the breadlines grow longer under President Obama’s communist administration (32 czars and counting!), your comrades at BEN RUSSELL have taken to the hills with the few thousand kopeks (100 to the Ruble) they still have hidden under their collectively-owned mattress to bring you yet another Thematic Group Art Exhibition (in which all works are equal and sold for the same price) – BEN RUSSELL : RUBLES.

Timed to open one week prior to Art Chicago and the NEXT Fair and supported in part by the rubles-for-clunkers program, BEN RUSSELL : RUBLES shines a busted-up coal miner’s headlamp on the economic realities of art marketeering (Tony Tasset), stands outside your half-empty skyscraper with posters and pamphlets and silkscreens decrying the false accumulation of value (Mike Taylor), teaches you to increase your meager earnings through a family-friendly dice game and other il/legal means (InCUBATE), and concocts a video poultice for the fractured, traumatized, and weary-at-heart (Anna Shteynshleyger). RUBLES is a palette-cleanser for the bling-a-ling days to come, a reminder of where our core values as one-nation-under-art truly lie. As USSR expat-comedian and Miller Lite Cold War stooge Yakov Smirnoff would have said: “At BEN RUSSELL you do not sell art, art sells you!”

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