Apr 9th 2010

Repetition on, over, or alongside other repetition creates tones, blanks, and discords not altogether within the artist’s control. The use of words, that are a far cry from firm definition in such repetitions, invites confusion. Economy of means allows every small nuance of word, reading, writing, or definition to be highlighted. Repeating these statements dislodges further inherent meaning of each word, phrase, or sentence. It is not an answer to the question, it is a rejection of the question.

god god god is a collection of Charles Mahaffee’s recent work woven around words usually standing for or with non-material concepts, compulsions, or contradictions integral to the cadence of a language. In becoming material, they are then left in that state of never being. The concepts themselves are never explained, but left as residue of their un-explanation.

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