Jan 13th 2010

The Sports Show

@ Gallery 400

400 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Wednesday, January 13th, from 7PM - 9:30PM

Go Fight Win! Experimental Film/Video For-Ever! Hoorah! Hoorah! Here We Go Media, Here We Go! In the sporting spirit of Jinks’ exhibition On Sundrun, in which a post-post-colonial game of cricket is re-presented and re-invented, Gallery 400 is foam-finger-waving proud to present a double-header of films and videos that seek to address athletics in all of its art-side incarnations. In the absence of $6 hot dogs and $7 Budweisers, we’ve got a stadium’s worth of bruisers ready to bring the (critical) pain—from ethnographic melon tossing to video art ice skating, close-up baseball to performative competitive swimming, ice hockey ankle-slashing to video game basketball to Papua New Guinean cricket warfare—we’ve got more than enough sports identification to fill up your art-team jersey closet forever and ever. In fact, we’re deploying so much sportsmanship that it seemed only fair to spread this program out into two parts – let’s call it Team MarshallBirnbaumKlahrJulyKashmerePaperRadBrakhage vs Team LeachKildea, a match that is heretofore unrivalled in (gallery) sports history. Show us your midwestern team spirit and brave that not-so-cold cold! There won’t be any instant replay in this game, and staying home will mean missing (among other things) Trobriand Cricket, one of the best ethnographic films to slam-dunk on this side of the Pacific. The Sports Show—it’s the hottest event of the new century!

Work by John Marshall, Dara Birnbaum, Lewis Klahr, Miranda July, Brett Kashmere, Paper Rad, Stan Brakhage, Jerry Leach and Gary Kildea. Curated by Ben Russell.

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