Jan 17th 2010

In Ghost Town, the most recent body of paintings by Andreas Fischer, found tintype portrait photographs of ordinary people from the Gold Rush era serve loosely as an inspirational source for Fischer’s paintings titled Sunday Best. Through enlivening these dated portraits with an updated palette and active washes of color, Fischer attempts to re-imagine the representation of history as only painting can by depicting intangible mental characteristics excluded from an object-based historical archive.

Ghost Town is a solo exhibition of work by Andreas Fischer held in two concurrent locations: the Sunday Best series contains portraits and will be on view at the Hyde Park Art Center. The sister-series Original Location, features landscapes and will be on view at the Gahlberg Gallery/McAninch Arts Center, College of DuPage from January 21 to February 27, 2010. A joint publication will accompany the exhibitions and discuss the work in both shows with an essay by Claudine Ise.

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