Nov 18th 2009

Film and video works curated by Ben Russell.

At 20,000 leagues below the sea everyone can hear you scream – that’s the nature of sound and water after all, and (maybe) that’s why we call all those vibrations dazzling our skulls by the oceanic descriptor WAVEFORMS. Just ask Alex Halstead – she was born into water, under water, knows wet and sound better than all of us combined. For the last month in Gallery 400 she’s been humoring our earth-ears with her rhythmic pulses, and now it’s time to return the favor. And so, submitted for her approval: an aqua-opera in 8 stanzas, a capital-SEA-composition in as many verses. From that silent surface (Peter Hutton) to the scratch and curl of the fevered deep (David Gatten); betwixt a siren-spongebob-song (Masta Best) and a flicker score for the Red Sea (Gerard Holthuis); with whale chorus (Mary Helena Clark), octo-electronica (Jean Painleve), and gurgling pop tune (Pipilotti Rist) – this is a kino-song* for the best Nigerian Elephant-nosed Fish we’ll ever know. Here’s To You, Alex.

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