Sep 10th 2004

I against I

@ Monique Meloche Gallery

118 N Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Friday, September 10th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Monday, October 23rd

About the Exhibition
“I’m finally free. I can’t remember ever being this happy.” – Ricky Williams

In advance anticipation of this show Mike and Rob have been ingesting vast amounts of psychedelics and smoking pounds of crystal, painting, and practicing Jhana yoga. They stayed up 566 hours straight in the last 5 weeks, finishing the works for the show, while doing too much soul-searching. They’ve been acting weird lately. Recently while we were smoking a joint in my car on the expressway, Rob nearly killed us when he grabbed the steering wheel because he wanted to investigate a flying saucer. Then, Mike disappeared wearing a dhoti with his head shaved, freshly tattooed with a Miami Dolphins logo.

The exquisite paintings on view at Monique Meloche’s New Night Ministry unfold on the petals of a lotus flower. The new work will act, as a bushel of burned sage, making her new space pure again, bringing with it a shower of good karma. What we have here is the employed hand of a higher power. Watch the entire drama, including the panic, with calm compassion. Not clear on the difference between Desire and Discipline? Between flesh and Spirit? Go through the transformation with them! These paintings will anoint us with the essence of wisdom, of counsel, of knowledge, and of understanding in the fear of ” I.”
– Vince Dermody

Davis + Langlois have been painting collaboratively since 1997 and this will be their second solo exhibition at moniquemeloche gallery. Their work has been reviewed in such publications as Tema Celeste, artnet, and Art Papers and they have recently exhibited at the MCA Chicago in “Strange Days” curated by Dominic Molon and in “Drunk vs. Stoned” at Gavin Brown Enterprises NY. For Further information contact Monique Meloche.


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