Apr 28th 1995

Rhona Hoffman Gallery presents “Working Drawings” by Sol LeWitt.

About the Artist:
Sol LeWitt’s wall drawings are described with concise language and specific diagrams which designate the way in which they should be executed. All wall drawings are drawn directly on the walls. When wall drawings are moved to a new location, the work must be meticulously rescaled to fit compatibly in the new location. LeWitt’s widely recognized geometric forms, first executed in black, white and gray India ink, evolved towards volumetric forms in translucent layers of primary colored permanent ink, at times reminiscent of Italian frescos. By the late 1990’s, flattened forms in acrylic colors covered entire walls in simplified yet exuberant compositions. —Rhona Hoffman

Exhibition Catalog: http://www.specificobject.com/objects/info.cfm?object_id=4796#.Wo34MBPwZE5

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