May 13th 1972

We are pleased to present this survey of what has come to be known as the “Chicago School”, an art characterized by an energetic, individual concern with fantasy and imagery. Although the style has developed over some twenty-five years, this exhibition is the first to examine it as an historical entity. While this exhibition seeks to distinguish the salient features of the Chicago manner it does not seek to make a definitive statement about a style characterized as much by its individuality as by its lively persistence. What is clear at this point however, is the richness, complexity, vitality and beauty of this artistic tradition. – Stephen S Prokopoff, Director

With works from, Barbara Rossi, Christina Ramberg, Cosmo Campoli, Don Baum, Edward C Flood, Edward Paschke, Ellen Lanyon, Evelyn Statsinger, George Cohen, Gladys Nilsson, HC Westermann, Irene Siegel, Irving Petlin, James Falconer, James Nutt, June Leaf, Karl Wirsum, Kerig Pope, Leon Golub, Miyoko Ito, Philip Hanson, Ray Yoshida, Robert Barnes, Roger Brown, Seymore Rosofsky, Steven Urry, Suellen Rocca, Theodore Halkin, William Schwedler.


Image Credit: Philip Hansen

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