Brook Sinkinson Withrow

Close To Me

@ Roots & Culture

1034 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Opening Friday, January 27th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, February 25th

Medium Cool

@ Prairie Production

1314 W. Randolph St., Chicago IL

Opening Saturday, November 21st, from 12am - 6PM

On view through Sunday, November 22nd

Maddie Reyna & Brook Sinkinson Withrow: Feel + Reminder

@ Night Club

2017 W. Moffat St. #1, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Friday, March 27th, from 7PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, April 18th

Reading Room

@ Julius Caesar

3311 W. Carroll Ave. Chicago, IL 60626

Opening Sunday, May 5th, from 1PM - 4PM

On view through Sunday, May 26th

Forever and Always & Queer Thoughts

@ New Capital

3114 W. Carroll St., South Chicago, Illinois 60612

Opening Wednesday, December 12th, from 7 PM - 12 PM

On view through Wednesday, December 12th