Aug 6th 2023

Isaac Couch: There are Ghosts in These Walls…

@ Comfort Station Logan Square

2579 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Sunday, August 6th, from 4PM - 7PM

On view through Sunday, August 27th

There are Ghosts in These Walls…We are all haunted, whether it be our own personal or familial past or the systematic history of the country and beyond. The GHOSTS that occupy the gallery space are embodiments of ideas from the past that manifest themselves in the present. Take racism. Racism is built within the walls of the United States. It will never disappear but rather take new forms of being. It will manifest as a malicious poltergeist to terrorize us in our own home. Hauntings are not limited to systemic issues. You can look within yourself to find many of these occupants. What haunts you? Who haunts you..? These plaster bodies are empty vessels made for your projection. Recognize the ghost, call its name and exorcise it.

Originally from Western KY, where corn is farmed and coal is mined, Isaac Couch has brought his southern perspective to the northern city of Chicago where he lives and works as an artist and art educator.

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