Aug 19th 2023


In this anti-performance series the artist will spend the night in the haunted Comfort Station gallery. You are welcome to join the overnight investigation or visit throughout the night. At sunset the doors of the main gallery will be locked so no one can get in, but more importantly, no one can get out. From the outside, peaking through the windows will be the only way to catch a glimpse of the apparitions inside if fear keeps you from entering at sundown. Throughout the night, the artist will be indulging in the pieces of media that inspired the work including movies, music, and video games. At sunrise the doors will be unlocked and we will take with us an experience unique to the isolation.

The artist invites you and your friends to spend the the night with him in the gallery space. Bring snacks, pillows, blankets, extra entertainment such as game systems or laptops. Bring what you would like and be yourself. At this anti-event, how do you haunt the house?

Note: Start and end time may vary due to the nature of timing of sunsets and sunrises.

Originally from Western KY, where corn is farmed and coal is mined, Isaac Couch has brought his southern perspective to the northern city of Chicago where he lives and works as an artist and art educator.

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