Jun 2nd 2023

Join us Friday June 2nd
6pm to 9pm
#244 Lake Street, OakPark, IL.

For Fitting Session: a wearable art show encompassing artists across a range of media such as fashion, sculpture, sound, and performance. Details on artists participating TBD

In fashion, the fitting session is a moment of review and appraisal: seams are tidied, collars swapped, hems adjusted. Everything is nearly prepared, a show is imminent. ‘FITTING SESSION SS23’ is a gathering of a broad collection of [X] artists and movement specialists. Adopting the roles of designer and model respectively, artists whose practices involve the physical interaction of the body create offerings for the performers to enter, literally. Objects will be worn, stripped, discarded, swapped, caressed. Audience interaction encouraged. Together, we evaluate: When is does a cavity invite a head, an arm, a foot, a tongue? What does it mean to be well-fitted? ill-fitted? Are you wearing the dress or does the dress wear you? This an exhibition of finding your way through a sweater and bursting through the other side, an examination of the physical permeation of art and the new worlds we discover within these intersections.

This event was curated by Hai-Wen Lin

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