Jun 17th 2023

Illinois Science Council partners with the International Museum of Surgical Science for the 2023 Chicago Science Festival!

On Saturday, June 17, ISC and IMSS are offering a special afternoon of science immersion — fascinating science talks and interactive demos for curious people like you!  Each Chicago Science Fest ticket gives you access to a number of presentations by Chicago-area research scientists on a variety of interesting topics. In between talks you can visit an array of cool science demonstrations, and you’ll have access to all the exhibits of the Museum of Surgical Science too.

Plus, to cap off this cornucopia for your curiosity, at 6:00pm you are welcome to join us for the Science Social Hour where you can enjoy free beer & wine (21+), other drinks, and snacks while chatting with speakers, other scientists, and lots of science fans. The talks, demos, exhibits, and the social hour are all INCLUDED with every ticket!

Get your questions answered in real time by real expert scientists!

AI & Astrophysics
– Aleksandra Ćiprijanović, PhD, Associate Scientist, Data Science, Simulation and Learning Division, Computational Science and AI Directorate, Fermi National Accelerator Lab

The Science of Saving Species — Saving the Puerto Rican Parrot from just 13 birds – Lisa Faust, PhD, Senior Director Population Ecology, Lincoln Park Zoo

Forensic Science and Anthropology – Anne Grauer, PhD, Professor of Anthropology, Loyola University Chicago

How do climate change models work and can we trust the AI? Tracking global “weirding” in Chicago – Scott M. Collis, PhD, Head of Geospatial Computing, Innovations, and Sensing Department in the Environmental Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

How the brain processes photos – What makes an image memorable? – Wilma Bainbridge, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dept of Psychology, University of Chicago


  • Red blood under microscope from Fest volunteers with and without a blood condition
  • Real human and animal brains – up close!
  • Interesting insects from near and far – termites and live Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
  • 3-D printing in action
  • How limb amputations were done in the Civil War
  • The chemistry & physics of crushing cans with H20

You’re guaranteed to have fun and learn something new!

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