Jun 9th 2023

Beyond the Box V: I{m}Perceptions

Part of Links Hall’s 2023 Co-MISSION Festival of New Works

Rika Lin’s Beyond the Box V: I{m}Perceptions is a continuation of her Kurokami E{m}Urge project, which proposes the experience of realizing one’s own identity and connection to all beings. Beyond the Box V: I{m}Perceptions is presented as different ‘thoughts’ that will include elements of the Japanese festival dances BonOdori and AwaOdori, live experimentation with audio, and digital projection. In I{m}Perceptions, the viewer is faced with their own bias. Rika shares, “The concept of imperceptions is intertwined with [virtual reality] in that you don’t know who you are or what you are when you’re in that space. When you are thinking about things or dealing with people in the world, you have to deal with your own Imperceptions.”

Collaborators include: Subhash Maskara, Nozawa Matsuya, Tatsu Aoki, Shalaka Kulkarni, Jamie Kempkers, Takashi Shallow, and featuring Saori Kataoka, Emi Asakawa, Ikunojo Fujima, Yukio Nang

Rika Lin (a.k.a. Yoshinojo Fujima) (Co-MISSION Fellow-in-Residence) is a traditional Japanese dancer, choreographer, and, increasingly, a producer and curator. She is reclaiming willfulness for female artists by building spaces that promote the full person, strengths, and expressions left out of the accepted norms of traditional Japanese performance. Her collaborations embrace musicians, media, and visual artists equally, furthering a meticulous investigation of traditional forms and their progenitor contemporary expressions.

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