May 20th 2023

Join us May 20th from 7pm-9pm at Compound Yellow for Side Yard Sounds featuring music project “Outside In.”


Norman W. Long: Electronics

John Sutton: Upright bass

Ben Lamar Gay: Cornet, electronics, vocals

Tommaso Moretti: Drums, samples, vocals

“Outside In” is a music project that aims to be a legitimate tribute to the iconic improvisational scene of Chicago. The artistic goal is to blur the line between improvisation and composition exploring new ways of blending the two sides of the creating process both in the context of music performance and during the producing process. Experienced local music improvisers will be involved in the musical effort of shaping extemporary compositions out of individual and collective improvisations. “Outside In” is meant to be the follow up of the “Inside Out” project and album which started from diametrically opposite artistic premises: playing pre-arranged compositions as a tool and starting point to inspire individual and collective improvisation. With “Outside In” the starting point would be the individual and collective improvisation with the abstract purpose of channelling and shaping the ensemble voices into a cohesive and organic musical piece all in real time. From the “Inside Out “to the “Outside In” We are the same living bio-organism and we can start acting as one. Music and the Arts are the empirical demonstration that we are all connected on a deeper level that we might be aware of.

We are so excited to be featuring these talented individuals.

Free Event | Donations of $5+ encouraged to support the arts and programming.

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