May 12th 2023

18+ only event (nudity, sexually graphic content)

Please join us for POV, an evening of performance and video exploring the Point of View genre in adult queer media. The evening will begin with a collaborative live performance by artists Eugene Tang & Nikki Telegan. Following their performance, Comfort Station will screen a selection of gay porn from the 1970s-90s video collection of Bijou Video, curated by Jules Zinn.

POV: Pornification/Objectification/Validation by Eugene Tang & Pussy Grime

This improvised performance duet is a marriage between Eugene Tang and Nikki Telegan’s work where they intersect at the question and consequence of the gaze. Who’s gaze, they ask, is relevant/irrelevant? Who in this dynamic possess power and control? Whose positionality do we reckon with when we employ the edges of the viewfinder frame in our decision making for capturing an erotic energy, a fleeting exchange, a moment in time? What happens when the subject and author shapeshift between their roles fluidly, interchangeably, without any regard for narrative, intention, or function? Transgressing the lines between subject, object, camera, human, flesh, and lens.

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