May 27th 2023

On May 27th from 4-7p the Emotional Archivist will be in. This performance by relational artist, Dennissa Young comes alongside her solo show titled An Emotional Archive. The artist will be inviting you, the audience to come and archive something of your own.

Bring a flat item no larger than 11 x 17 to the gallery that holds some kind of importance to you. She will walk you through the emotional documents needed to properly compile your item into the emotional database.

This experience is free and reservations can be made within 30 minute windows. Guests may have to wait to interact with Dennissa – but they are welcome to enjoy the gallery while they wait their turn.

The Martin has one step up into the gallery – if you are a guest who requires no steps, you may enter in through Split-Rail, the restaurant we are attached to and make your way into the gallery. Both The Martin & Split-Rail have ADA restrooms.

Want to dine at Split-Rail before or after your gallery visit? We recommend making a reservation.


Dennissa Young is a Chicago-based, Native New Mexican, relational artist and curator. With projects focusing on friendship, connection and collaborating, she has exhibited all across the US (Rock Hill, Boston and Charlotte to name a few), and internationally (from Bogota, Colombia to Istanbul, Turkey). She has been featured in numerous publications, including CLTure, Broadening the Narrative Podcast, York County Magazine, and the Art | Tea Podcast. Dennissa’s work strives to foster intimacy, radical softness, and capture the spiritual journey of humanity. Her artistic practice creates time, space and honesty, where audience members can engage and participate however they see fit. In 2022, Dennissa has creatively contributed to The Martin, Belong Gallery and The Franklin Outdoor, and started a podcast with her art bestie about the art world, friendship and everything in between. Check out Due to the Current Situation on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google or Amazon. You can find her work at

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