May 10th 2023

The 2023 Film, Video, New Media, Animation, and Sound Festival features the work of graduate and undergraduate students from the class of 2023. The FVNMAS Festival is free and open to the public. Tickets must be acquired on-site at the Gene Siskel Film Center box office.

Welcome to SAIC’s 2023 FVNMAS Festival

I am thrilled to welcome you to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s 2023 Film, Video, New Media, Animation, and Sound Festival featuring works by our graduating BFA and MFA students. I look forward to encounter, along with you, our students’ brilliant media works over the course of the next four evenings at the Gene Siskel Film Center. For our students, the festival is a unique opportunity to see their work shine in a state-of-the-art facility and to share the fruits of their labor with an engaged audience.

Programmed by Amy Beste, FVNMA’s Director of Public Programs and Curator of the screening series Conversations at the Edge, the festival brings to the big screen a wide range of genres and practices: daring experimental works, intimate video essays, rebellious animation shorts and ambitious narrative and documentary films. We are proud to celebrate the diverse voices at the heart of our community.

I am eternally grateful to Amy Beste; Emily Eddy, our festival producer; Trevor Martin and the Department of Exhibitions; Rebecca Fons, Michael Wawzenek, Dan Stolley and the entire staff at the Gene Siskel Film Center; our graduate assistant Gordon Fung; Cameron Worden, Debs Akinlade and the FVNMA technical staff; all the faculty members who worked diligently with the students over the past years; and, above all, to all the participating artists for their hard work and inspiring vision.

Our lives are saturated with images. Media artists have a great responsibility today. They provide us with alternative ways of looking and understanding the world. They have the ability to transform and enhance perception. We invite you to immerse yourself in a world of visionary experiences and adventurous storytelling.

Please join me in congratulating this remarkable group of artists on all their achievements.

Enjoy the festival!

Frédéric Moffet, Chair

Department of Film, Video, New Media and Animation

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Participating Artists:

Abigail Afriyie, Evan Armstrong, Fernanda Carvalho, Yui Chen, Mauricio Cozzo, Michelle Flitman, Amber Greenwood, Wenxuan Guo, Austin Guth, JeanElle Hoopes, Jeff Hung, Katey Jo, Sophia Johnson, Je-Hyeon Kang, Mihye Kang, Eunjin Lee, Cheryl Li, Zechen Li , Sharon Liang, Nino Liu, Yiling Lu, Adrian Tizoc Marshall, Nicki Martin, Grace Morrisey, Alexander Paré, Kylie Park, Nike Péng, Rudradutt Ranade, Carley Russell, Migo Sea, Alice Sickler, Frankie Spear, Star Tsiopos, Margaret Wang, Tian Wang, Lawrence X, Shang Xiang, Zetian Xu, Fernando Saldivia Yáñez

Learn more about the graduate students participating in the festival.

The FVNMAS Festival is free and open to the public. Tickets must be acquired on-site at the Gene Siskel Film Center box office.

6:00 P.M.
Shorts Program 1

Various directors, 2020–23, ca 70 min + Q&A

Je-Hyeon Kang, Same House, Different Window, 6:31

Adrian Tizoc Marshall, Gentile (La gentil), 16:35

JeanElle Hoopes, Little Clown Girl, 4:32

Star Tsiopos, Moth’s Playtime, 4:48

Tian Wang, Sunny Sun’s Senior Year, 34:00

7:30-8:30 P.M.

8:30 P.M.

Fernando Saldivia Yáñez, 2023, ca 90 min + Q&A

Fernando Saldivia Yáñez, Brief Space of a Time (work in progress), 01:30:06

6:00 P.M.
Shorts Program 2

Various directors, 2022–23, ca 68 min + Q&A

Migo Sea, Bon Voyage, 3:50

Jess Koehler, Boned, 4:43

Nike Péng, Jun-Hao, 17:00

Shang Xiang, Bremen Dreamer, 3:00

Grace Morrisey, Cat In Hell, 6:49

Austin Guth, Big Wheel, 20:00

Margaret Wang, On the Night of the Shooting Star, 2:48

Lawrence X, From the Streets to the Stage: The Rise of Chicago Footwork, 12:26

8:00 p.m.
Shorts Program 3

Various directors, 2021–23, ca 66 min + Q&A

Cheryl Li, July 14, 5:00

Nino Liu, Doe, 3:30

Alexander Paré, Vampyre, 8:45

Carley Russell, Voir, 2:10

Sophia Johnson, Ashtad, 4:02

Katey Jo, The Tonic Immobility of an Opossum Named Peach, 11:30

Yui Chen, The Mail, 5:24

Alice Sickler, What I Could Salvage, 8:41

Abigail Afriyie, The Old and The New, 3:26

Fernanda Carvalho, Thieves of Skies, 7:43

Nicki Martin, The Rings of Juno Station, 1:55

Rudradutt Ranade, Hey Rudy, 4:10

6:00 P.M.
Shorts Program 4

Various directors, 2023, ca 63min + Q&A

Amber Greenwood, Horse Girl, 4:00

Eunjin Lee, 소꿉놀이 Playing House, 20:03

Sharon Liang, Come Home Before Food Gets Cold, 7:30

Frankie Spear, Bone Stars, 9:36

Zetian Xu, So Long, My Daughter, 27:45

Michelle Flitman, Lost & Found, 3:40

8:00 P.M.

Mihye Kang, 2023, ca 66 min + Q&A

Mihye Kang, Painting of Solidarity (work in progress), 01:06:22

6:00 P.M.
Shorts Program 5

Various directors, 2021–23, ca 63 min + Q&A

Yiling Lu, Po, Part I, 18:16

Adrian Tizoc Marshall, With Sticks and Stones (Con palos y piedras), 30:46

Evan Armstrong, Mondo Mirror, 4:00

Kylie Park, Mirrors, 8:44

8:00 P.M.
Shorts Program 6

Various directors, 2023, ca 73 min + Q&A

Jeff Hung, Excerpt from DJ’s Weird Journey, 25:00

Mauricio Cozzo, T.H.E.A.T.E.R., 17:00

Wenxuan Guo, Counting Test, 19:15

Zechen Li , Chroma Wheel, 7:44

Image: Still from theater #111 by Kay Liu. (2022 FVNMAS Festival)

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