May 7th 2023

10 Desirous Adjustments

@ Switch Hook Projects

122 S Michigan Ave #1265, Chicago, IL 60603

Opening Sunday, May 7th, from 4PM - 7PM

On view through Sunday, July 2nd

“The world is neither an empty container for reality nor the seemingly unlimited stuff it contains”
From “To Hear Plants Speak”, Michael Marder

Switch-Hook Projects invites ten artists to hang work in a chiropractic office on Michigan ave; as American Back Center, makes way for: 10 Desirous Adjustments. You walk through a heavy and persistent door and enter a pleasant and unassuming waiting room. A friendly ergonomic chair rests behind a heavy wooden desk. Each wall where your eyes expect to rest on a large abstract painting or a series of candid black-and-white architectural photographs now holds: the gentle assertion of three dimensions. Print, photograph, painting, collage, and object construct each other to circumscribe edges and frames that act beyond display. Each tactic from adornment to abandonment opens the confines allowing the content to whisper onto oddly colored walls and paneled ceilings.

S-H projects inhabits American Back Center in 10 Desirous Adjustments. Featuring: Braden Skelton, Zander Raymond, Yue Xu, Mikey Mosher, Lily Szymanski, Kaylee Spears, Robert Chase Heishman, Noelle Africh, YuHsin Wu, and Milo Christie.

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