Apr 20th 2023

The international, electro-acoustic trio of trumpeter Birgit Ulher (DE), vocalist Carol Genetti (USA), and instrument-inventor springboardist Eric Leonardson (USA) reunite for an evening of improvised music celebrating their new release “horizontal shift” (Amalgam Music). Despite having known each other since the late 1990s, it wasn’t until early 2018 that Ulher, Leonardson and Genetti were able to perform as a trio in Chicago. All three are seasoned performers in their own right — each bringing their distinct styles in combination, to create an improvised music whose vocabulary addresses the intrinsic textural characteristics of sound. Ulher’s extended trumpet technique, with its grainy clicks and multiphonics; Genetti’s abstract vocals with its wordless utterances; and Leonardson’s self-built “Springboard” with its bowed reverberations, all join together to explore an atmosphere of expressive relationships of sound and silence; deep resonances, subtle microtones, splitting sounds, rough textures and shimmering multiphonics.

Photo credits from left to right: David Zuchowski, Christine Huss, Ricardo Adame.

Allen Moore is a Black American interdisciplinary painter, experimental sound artist, educator, youth mentor and curator born and raised in the Historic Village of Robbins IL. Nick Meryhew is an experimental musician, arts educator, improviser, and armchair geologist. Their work explores ideas of assemblage, hybridity, and non-hierarchy through a sculptural approach to found sound. Rebecca Himelstein is an interdisciplinary artist and musician living and working in Chicago, IL.

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