Apr 1st 2023


@ Co-Prosperity

3129 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Saturday, April 1st, from 6PM - 8PM

On view through Saturday, April 22nd

Co-Prosperity is excited to present SPACORE, a unique group exhibition and performance series centered around an immersive horror-spa installation. Curated by Serena JV Elston and Rudolf Lingens, the show features forty five artists from around the country interrogating wellness capitalism in the midst of global illness.

SPACORE is the lifestyle aesthetic of the moment. Born of the intersection of work-from-home and pandemic horror, SPACORE is the blurring lines of relaxation and employment; it is the labor of repose. SPACORE is a critique of wellness capitalism. It explores the neoliberal attempt to pacify the working class with the promotion of superficial “wellness.” This version of wellness co-opts the language of radical self-care and redefines it as access to upper-class amenities regarded as luxury. Wellness culture derives its “authenticity” through appropriative aesthetics that steal from non-Western cultures, such as the way Indigenous and Eastern spirituality is fetishized in wellness products and aesthetics for white consumption. Wellness is a colonial project designed to locate suffering within the individual in order to repress political revolt. SPACORE situates wellness in the horror genre, where it belongs. SPACORE is always in all caps because it is the sound of your boss yelling at you.

Work by: Autumn Ahn, Guru Aman, Nour Ballout, Mack Baker, Phoebe Beckett Chingono, Dani ChëAmelia de Rudder, Erica Dincalci, SAGE DYE, Serena JV Elston, Becs Epstein, FLEMING, Ben Gfell, Sky Goodman, King Green, Phillip Groth, Tali Halpern, Joe Harjo, Janet Loren Hill, Jeung Bok Holmquist, Tyler Hubby, Sun Lynn Hunter, Kelly R Johnston, Dylan Languell, Sungjae Lee, Yeji Lee, Rudolf Lingens, Erica Maria Littlejohn,Marne Lucas, Alejandro Macias, Allen Moore, Aaron Morganstein Mikey Mosher, Vincent Phan, Mac Pierce, Ruby Que, Sandrine Schaefer, Corey Smith, Nikki Telegan, Val Thompson, Sabato Visconti, Tilcara Webb, Adrian Wong, Florence Woolley, Kelly Xi


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