Apr 15th 2023

Irene Wa: CRISÁLIDA DE SAL: A Diphonic Performance
Saturday, April 15Th at 3Pm

In Gallery 1, Irene Wa.’s second solo exhibition at Goldfinch, Crisálida de sal (Chrysalis of Salt) features new ceramic sculptures and drawings that spring from the Mexican artist’s recent study of diphonic singing (also known as overtone chanting, harmonic singing, and polyphonic overtone singing), a set of techniques in which the vocalist manipulates the resonances of their vocal tract in order to create the perception of multiple notes being sung at once. During her research into diphonic techniques, says Wa., she “developed a profound interest in the body-as-instrument, the way sound is produced, and what that internal landscape looks like …I began an investigation into the anatomy of the inner body and its forms, finding and imagining hidden portals inside the neck, the vocal cords, the chest. The first stage of my investigation was mimetic in nature, but soon became driven by my imagination in thinking about the felt body and translating it to a visual ground” via the drawings. Her ceramic pieces, which alternately call to mind masks, moths, mystic talismans and the anatomy of the human pharynx, extend Wa.’s scope to include territories of the imaginatively non-human. It is a search, Wa. explains, for what it means “to breathe, to open, to feel the organs–a search for the core, the most intimate, hidden and sometimes denied parts of one’s self.”

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