Apr 29th 2023

Gift Economy: Artist Talk and Group Shake

@ Heaven Gallery

1550 N Milwaukee Ave #2, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Saturday, April 29th, from 12PM - 2:30PM

On view through Saturday, April 29th

Artist Talk and Group Shake

Saturday 4/29, 12-2:30PM

12-1:30PM: Group Shake (please arrive on time)
1:30-2:30PM: Artist Talk
Free event

Join us at Heaven Gallery for a Group Shake led by Anya Smolnikova- this is a durational collective somatic event. We shake, to music, together for an hour with the emphasis on shaking and rocking the body in various ways. It can look like dancing but we don’t have to be concerned with appearance, skill or rhythm. Group and individual ecstatic and meditative states can be achieved [but may not be]. Shaking is a simple and individual task-based practice without explicit goals but also beneficial for circulation, nervous system and systemic health. Shaking takes many formats in cultures around the globe, across lifeforms, and to the subatomic level. Shaking is one of the body’s natural impulses to relieve tension. Please plan to arrive on time, as there will be an Opening Circle and Talk Through before we begin. This event is free of charge and is part of the Gift Economy exhibition’s offerings.

Stay afterwards for an artist talk and walkthrough of our current exhibition, “Gift Economy” with curator Simone Whiteley – Allen and artists Anton Auth, Alex Bradley Cohen, Jeremy Carter Doey Buff, Stevie Emrich, Zaiasia Jones, Amy Pearl Lang, Hallie Off, Tatiana Sky, Corrine Slade and Anya Smolnikova.


Gift Economy is a collection of works from painters, ceramicists, sculptors, and fiber artists. Curated by Simone Whiteley-Allen; Anton Auth, Alex Bradley Cohen, Jeremy Carter Doey Buff, Stevie Emrich, Zaiasia Jones, Amy Pearl Lang, Hallie Off, Tatiana Sky, Corrine Slade, and Anya Smolnikova are brought together by a shared investigation of their practices relation to performance art. Many of the pieces incorporate found objects and surfaces that are repurposed, emphasizing the journey of the material to the artist’s hand. Some of the works require activation by a natural element. All of the participating artists highlight intuition and improvisation in the process of creation.

We the artists are working with gifts; from the earth, the universe, places and people.

Performance manifests these gifts.

It reaches outside of capitalist consumption.

It beckons for the exchange of true reciprocal energy.

Gift Economy questions if art objects can hold this energy as well.

If art can be purchased and kept in someone’s home, can it still fall into the category of a reciprocal gift relationship?

How can we keep intact the intent of giving love which taught us how to receive in the first place.

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