Mar 25th 2023

Make You Make Me

@ Free Range

3257 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Opening Saturday, March 25th, from 7PM - 9PM

“Make You Make Me” explores the poetics of casting by inviting artists who work with a range of materials and matrices to explore what can be altered, preserved, and let go—literally and metaphorically—through this process. A six-thousand year old technique, casting enables radical transformation as molten liquid takes on a new, solid form through the cradling embrace of a mold.

The exhibition features the work of Krista Anara Cibis, Serena JV Elston, Dylan Palmer, Ndivhuho Rasengani, Katie Rauth, Jasmine Yeh, and Olivia Zubko. Some of the pieces in the show, made of bronze, glass, or porcelain, are crafted to be stable fixtures in their environments, while others are intentionally ephemeral, their gelatin- and sugar-cast forms dissolve, break down, and get eaten over their brief lifespans.

Make You Make Me also contains a critical absence: the mold itself. A vital component of the artmaking process, the mold plays a maternal role, incubating the object until it is viable. As the work emerges from its exterior matrix, the direct, physical link between mother and child is severed. In casting off the mold, the resulting object takes on an existence of its own. The dualities of presence and absence, development and maturity, animate the works on display. The exhibition underscores how joy and life can exist in amicable tension alongside this loss

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