Mar 31st 2023

Yollocalli Arts Reach was founded in 1995 as a Youth Museum with the objective of centering student voices. When Yollocalli was located in Pilsen alongside the youth-led radio station called Radio Arte, it formed the intersection of community-oriented artistic expression in Chicago and youth-directed cultural production.

This exhibition centers on how Yollocalli students and artists have transformed Chicago’s physical, visual, auditory, and literary landscapes. The artwork presented here challenges our relationships to space: how we interact with space, claim space, and reimagine our place within spaces. By uniting art and social practice, they are giving shape to the world that surrounds them.

Curated by Marina M. Álvarez

Image info:
Bianca Diaz, Pilsen, 2013, mixed media collage, Courtesy of Bertina Salas

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