Mar 18th 2023

March Elastro Series is happy to welcome Montreal artist Jeremy Young to Chicago on his week-long midwest US tour. Lula Asplund & Máo Chén Huì will present a duo on the CLEAT system, while Big Pal will present CLEAT work alongside choreography from Emily Craver.

Artist Bios

Jeremy Young is a sonic artist and electroacoustic composer from Tiohtià:ke/Montreal, and a member of Sontag Shogun and Cloud Circuit among other projects. In 2021, Young released, Amaro, a solo LP built around electroacoustic compositions and improvisations using oscillators and tape, organized in duet performances with multidisciplinary artists Pauline Kim Harris (String Noise, John Zorn), Ida Toninato (Ensemble Supermusique, Jane/KIN), Markus Floats (Constellation), Dolphin Midwives (Beacon Sound), Deanna Radford (Cloud Circuit), Johannes Bergmark (Fylkingen), filmmaker Tomonari Nishikawa, and the legendary Vito Ricci. A collaborative record with Dutch sonic artist and curator Leonie Roessler entitled Distant, Intimate is due out on Royal Editions on 12″ / digital in 2023.

Here at Elastic Arts, Young will perform improvised collage sketches for solo guitar on 1/4″ magnetic tape using two open-reel machines and 42~ tape loops, based on source material from his latest record, August Tape Sketches, which came out in 2022 on Meakusma.

Lula Asplund & Máo Chén Huì

“Follow My Voice” This is a 15 minute performance utilizing the cleat system for live vocal processing of spoken text. The movement artist will follow the sound in space and engage in various tasks which will reflect the textural elements of the sound, an exchange in sonification and movement interpretation. This piece is about mirroring, shaping and translating sound to movement.


Big Pal

The experimental pop trio Big Pal (Doug Barber, Patrick Glennon, and Chrystine Rayburn) will perform a 20 minute sound piece for movement using the CLEAT system in conjunction with choreographer Emily Craver and dancers Sophia Smith, Sarah Bodony, and Yıldız Güventürk. This presentation is a work-in-progress preview of an experimental sound and dance performance that will debut at Elastic Arts later in 2023. An absurdist sci-fi world-building stunt featuring video and text in addition to sound and dance, this untitled piece will navigate the horrors and delights of a future society witnessing its data lose value.

$15 – Tickets Available at the Door

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