Mar 14th 2023

Join us Tuesday, March 14th, from 6PM-8PM, for a night of community and conversation with Author, Isa Watson, to discuss the book and more!

Life Beyond Likes: Logging Off Your Screen and Into Your Life highlights how social media has affected our daily lives, self-esteem and real-life relationships. With so much of our lives plugged into the internet, we’ve never been more connected—or disconnected—from what’s most important to us. And for all that we think we’re getting out of social media, we’re also getting duped. Combining research and compelling storytelling, Life Beyond Likes empowers its readers with information and practical tips on how to let go of their curated online lives and instead learn how to intentionally curate a life of joy.

A Caribbean girl in America, Isa (pronounced EYE-suh) is an entrepreneur, author, and a competitive skydiver. She is the founder and CEO of the Squad app, the fun and easy way to talk to your friends away from social media. In a prior life, Isa was a research chemist at Pfizer and a Wall Street executive at JP Morgan Chase in New York & Hong Kong. She decided to leave those careers and build Squad to make an impact on a social issue important to her: digital wellness and friendships. A chemist turned social scientist, Isa is on a mission to help people unlock life’s potential.


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