Feb 13th 2023

February 13 at 6pm | In the first edition of Nightingale Projects at the Gene Siskel Film Center, this screening of six short, experimental films explores the artist’s fascinations, obsessions, and emotional connections with horses. The horse is one of the most over-theorized, metaphorized, and poeticized animals that humans interact with. Horses have a certain mystique – not to say other animals aren’t similarly exalted and mythologized – but with their various roles in society, historical connotations, and perceived empathic traits, there’s something different about horses than our other animal-kin.

In this program, artists Bruce Baillie, Barbara Hammer, Malcolm Le Grice, Frédéric Moffet, Vanessa Renwick, and Sofia Theodore-Pierce all speak to their relationships with horses, pointing the camera not only towards the animals, but to our bodies in relation to them. It’s a horsegirl thing.

Program: BERLIN HORSE (pictured, 1970, dir. Malcolm Le Grice, 6.5 min.), LITTLE WHITE HORSE (2010, dir. Vanessa Renwick, 4.5 min.), EXTERIOR TURBULENCE (work in progress, 2023, dir. Sofia Theodore-Pierce, 11 min.), HORSEY (2018, dir. Frédéric Moffet, 9 min.), A HORSE IS NOT A METAPHOR (2008, dir. Barbara Hammer, 30 min.), VALENTIN DE LAS SIERRAS (1967, dir. Bruce Baillie, 10 min.). Followed by a conversation with artists Frédéric Moffet, Sofia Theodore-Pierce, and curator Emily Eddy.

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