Feb 2nd 2023

Craig Jun Li and Olivier: documentum

@ Weatherproof

3336 W Lawrence Ave, Ste. 303, Chicago, IL, 60625

Opening Thursday, February 2nd, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Wednesday, December 31st

Weatherproof is excited to announce the next show at the annex, ‘documentum’, featuring work from Craig Jun Li and Olivier. Opens 6-9pm, Thursday 2/2/23.

1) Fingers in between sheets of texts; I was judging each of them.

2) Now that I have put it into words: the most ridiculous attempt to make things tangible. I have lost all of my feelings (for you). The purest form.

3) I too want to be so minimal and wordless, projected onto a white wall, so pale.

4) I lost the meaning; I must have dropped it somewhere when I was sketching excuses to fit into two rectangles.

5) It’s not debatable for the fact that the object demands to be written, like the next one.

6) So it inhabits,

7) In this space as a thing with meaning someone (violently) offered up.

8) If you buried something in my walls, someone else will (kindly) read it over to me.

9) Harbinger!

10) We shall see through breaks and breaks.

— Olivier, 2023

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