Dec 16th 2022

Elastro A/V presents a series of evenings with audio and visual performances in the spirit of the ongoing Elastro series. The performances showcase techniques for merging acoustic and electronic sound as well as analog, practical, and digital live visual creations. This series is made possible with support from the mediaThe Foundation.

Night 1 is curated by Sky Goodman and is titled From The Ether to the Earth. The evening will begin with four short films from Brazilian filmmakers and then lead into three live A/V sets featuring Thorne Brandt, Christine Janokowicz, Cocojoey, and RXM Reality!

Brazilian Filmmakers

  • Kika Nicolela

  • Henrique Cartaxo / Augurs

  • Gabriel “köi”

  • Strangepeo

Live Sets

  • Thorne Brandt (solo A/V set)

  • Cocojoey (sounds) + Christine Janokowicz (video synth)

  • RXM Reality (sounds) + Christine Janokowicz (video synth)

Artist Bios

COCOJOEY makes happy hyper-bitpop wiisportscore fusion-type breakbeats inspired by cats, PSX-era pause menus, and ontological crises. A classically-trained pianist and in-demand composer/producer, COCOJOEY has “Symphony Center” on the resume, but for this project, an uncommon command of harmony and orchestration are never in danger of eclipsing an ebullient sonic experience.

Kika Nicolela is a Brazilian artist, filmmaker and independent curator based in Brussels since 2014. Graduated in Film Studies by the University of Sao Paulo, Nicolela has also completed a Master of Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK). She was the recipient of several prominent international grants and awards and she has participated of numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide. Having video and new technologies as tools, Nicolela proposes experiences that question the stories we make about the world and about ourselves.

Henrique Cartaxo / Augurs – Multidisciplinary video artist, filmmaker and film editor from Brazil. Born in Bahia and based in São Paulo, Henrique has had film editing works presented in competition in festivals such as Cannes, Sundance and Clermont-Ferrand. Eshu Yangi, his debut as a director, had its world premiere in 2021’s DocLisboa. Joined the Tezos art scene in 2022

Fernando Helfenstein is an audiovisual producer and artist based in Brazil, started working with photography in 2013, and worked with video, music production and VJ experiences. Strangepeo is a persona born in raves within estrangement in the year 2017. Their work involve audiovisual focused on 3D, music, and fashion, and inspires themselves by exploring the perspective of queer culture and expression with no boundaries. Their pieces featured in an innovative NFT AR book, Prosthetic Reality V2, created by Sutu and Eyejack, Sabet’s Stratosphere in NFT NYC 2022, and in VJ public exhibits in Brazil and Finland.

Gabriel Böing, also known as “köi”, is an Interdisciplinary Artist from São Paulo, Brazil. He started experimenting with visual creation at an early age, heavily influenced by computer art and internet culture. From the self-knowledge developed from his creative process, it served as a starting point to tell dream stories, in an abstract or narrative way, in generative textures, video, 3D compositions, VJ Set and other forms.

Thorne Brandt is a Chicago-based creative technologist who has exhibited globally, including Berlin, Art Basel, CAC, Haggerty, and the MCA. Since becoming an Alum of SAIC in 2007, Brandt has founded and resided in several artist exhibition spaces, and is currently directing Digital Art Demo Space in Bridgeport, Chicago where he focuses on providing the community with exposure to up-and-coming technologies and approaches to art and play by showcasing games as performance, interactive installations and experimental audiovisual experiences. A software engineer by trade, Brandt’s personal work involves building tools within game engines such as Unity that allow for collaborative synesthetic realtime audiovisual improvisation during performance and streaming.

Chicago-based producer Mike Meegan records music under the moniker RXM Reality. Meegan’s three previous albums on Hausu Mountain sketch out an evolving trajectory of omni-electronic rhythmic music that warps elements of grime, dubstep, mutated techno, hyperpop, and noise into unpredictable compositions overloaded with synthetic textures and fast-scrolling beat structures.

Christine Janokowicz is a Chicago based A/V artist whose roots have been in the glitch scene for over 10 years. Working primarily with found footage she moshes pop nostalgia & culture with live analog manipulation to create vibrant, high energy visuals.

$15 – Tickets Available at the Door

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