Nov 5th 2022


@ LVL3

1542 N Milwaukee Ave, #3, Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Saturday, November 5th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, December 31st

LVL3 proudly presents Wayfinding, a duo exhibition featuring Unyimeabasi Udoh (London, UK) and Naomi Nakazato (New York, NY).

In Wayfinding, both artists consider new understandings of guidance and spatial mapping through their treatment of surfaces and the legibility of symbols. The works in the exhibition attempt to return to distant memories through points of comfort, and meditate on the capability of the boundless surfaces lying between them.

Udoh reconsiders the guiding and commanding qualities of municipal signage. Continuing their ongoing interest in typesetting, their works expand on the legibility of symbols by complicating the presentation and materiality of recognizable objects. Through the reimagining of the familiar road signs, Udoh conjures a new understanding of the void as an emptying of everyday language to reckon with the strange banality of daily communication.

Nakazato arranges topographical elements through the layering of printed imagery and three dimensional blisters to map the disperate sensorial bits that intersect and fuse distant memories. Their works guide the viewer through the broken pictorial planes to form new narratives through the loss and obstruction of information. Wincing at moments of familiarity, the works reflect on fleeting images that have been subject to repetitious compression and translation. Nakazato nurtures these moments with a great deal of care, studying the social and spatial nuances caused by the misregistations of false legibility.

While Nakazato’s work traverses the unknown yearning for a semblance of home, Udoh’s work reimagines the peripheral, tangential spaces as arenas of latent associations. How far can a symbol be abstracted until its recognition is lost, and what information can one glean from its nuances?

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