Nov 11th 2022

Soft Noise

@ The Plan

600 N Albany Ave, Chicago, IL 60612

Opening Friday, November 11th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Friday, December 2nd

10 artists working in images, sculpture, sound, performance, and other ever expanding fields etc. constellate around the notions of noise and noisiness: what constitutes as noisy? How do we think about noise as an aberrant to sound? What possibilities might there be in thinking “noisily”? And lastly, how might we go about emasculating the aesthetic domain of noise and its makers?

Noise has historically been the aesthetically unwanted branch of sound, its lack of conformity to both aesthetic and biological norms pits it as something to obscure, destroy, or invalidate. Considering noise as both a literal and metaphorical object, the artists featured have crafted an exhibition built upon the handling of noise, through physical objects, conceptual instructions, archival materials, and, of course, sound. Soft noise is not an attempt at softening the roughness of noise, but rather to explore what it is about noise that keeps it aberrant, and how this occurs in society.

Academy Records
Betsy Odom
Cathy Hsiao
Eileen Mueller
Elena Ailes
Madeleine Aguilar
Paige Alice Naylor
Peach Miller
Ro Lundberg
Willa Smart

Performances at 8pm 🎶🎤

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