Nov 12th 2022

Join us at the CAB Studio for a conversation between architect Armel Sagbohan and Ann Lui, co-founder of Future Firm to explore the current exhibition Pullman: Conscious Revitalization of the Overlooked.

Armel Sagbohan is the founder of the Office for Urban Experiments (oux), a practice that seeks to illuminate underrepresented spaces and propose new designs tailored to the specific location. Through documentation and design, he strives to bring attention to traditionally overlooked neighborhoods. He is also an educator at the Illinois Institute of Technology where he teaches in the undergraduate program at the College of Architecture.

Future Firm is a Chicago-based architecture and design research office. We are architects for changemakers, in Chicago and beyond. Founded by Ann Lui and Craig Reschke in 2015, the architecture practice spans diverse scales: from exhibition spaces to residential and commercial buildings to urban and territorial speculations. We focus on using design to synthesize the aims and efforts of multiple stakeholders, catalyze transformation for individuals and groups, and create flexible space for diverse needs. We excel at working with clients who are changemakers in their own communities. Our work helps develop novel approaches towards community and belonging when multiple stakeholders come to the table. We use technical expertise and collaborative means to create spaces which bring together diverse agendas as more than the sum of their parts.

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