Nov 5th 2022

2022 Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation
Shorts Program 1
(Various filmmakers, formats, and runtimes TBD)


After a three-year absence, Block Cinema is thrilled to welcome the return of the Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation, a celebrated showcase for moving-image art at its most innovative and compelling. The brainchild of filmmaker-programmers Lilli Carré and Alexander Stewart, Eyeworks gathers together a dazzling array of animated films, past and present, that push the boundaries of representation and the limits of form. Their selections reliably offer abstract astonishments, quizzical constructions, quiet microdramas, and outlandish conceits, making Eyeworks, in the words of Cinefile Chicago’s Josh B. Mabe, “essential viewing every year.”

This year’s festival presents two programs of short films on Saturday, November 5, as well as a solo showcase for Chicago-based filmmaker Laura Harrison on the preceding Friday evening (see event info here).

In-person: festival curators Alexander Stewart and Lilli Carré

Please note: Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation is recommended for mature viewers.


Krišs Salmanis, 100 Still Lives, 2014 (Looping)

Lars-Arne Hult, Strip-tease, 1981

Andy Cahill, Today I Will Be The Bread, 2022

David Daniels, Buzz Box, 1985

Paul Vester, Picnic, 1987

Miranda Javid, The Wind, 2020

Sebastian Buerkner, Surge, 2020

Pallavi Agarwala, Once More With Feeling, 2016

Sarah Pucill, You Be Mother, 1990

Brandon Blommaert, The Jeweller, 2022

Joanna Priestley, Jade Leaf, 1985

Hayoun Kwon, 489 Years, 2016

Jane Aaron, Set In Motion, 1987

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